Coppertop Tile Services - Tile Installation, Kitchens, Fixtures, Bathrooms

About Us

I've been working in the world of tile and installation for more than 20 years, and for seven of those years, I apprenticed in the realm of Italian craftsmanship. These skills intermingled and fused with my knowledge and experience with plumbing and ceramic tile.

After training and honing my skill, I made the thrilling decision to establish Coppertop Tile, which came into being in 2000. In the years since then, I've made it a point to only work on a single project at a time. I find that it allows me to ensure the quality and proper installation of every task, from the tile to the shower spas. My goal has always been to provide my customers with quality, and now, it's come to be what they expect—And rightly so. Why? Because my workmanship, attention to detail, and eye for quality aesthetic fuel every single project that I take on. This has become the driving force behind what Coppertop Tile is today.

Establishing and maintaining a one-on-one relationship with my customers is important. I believe in the quality of not just the projects I take on, but quality of client relationships as well. Customers come to find that, with me on site every step of the way, they can rest assured that the job is getting done, and that it's getting done well.

Renovation jobs take approximately one week, from start to finish. One of my goals for any project is to minimize the inconveniences of having a home in disarray while changes and installations are being made.

The Mission

My mission and goal for Coppertop Tile is to do the finest work possible when it comes to installing your home and office space renovations and redesigns. My hope is that the changes we make together can generate the home or office space of your dreams, adding value to your bathroom and kitchen areas, and other spaces. I work hard to recognize and gauge the needs of my customers, and then make the changes that they have had their hearts set on.

My commitment is to you. Exceptional style, modern image and high-quality design are just a few of the areas where Coppertop Tile excels. Each year that Coppertop Tile continues on, I continually make personal and lasting connections with my gratified customers, who return for services and renovations time and time again.

My name is Scott Collier. I own and locally operate Coppertop Tile within the central Maryland area.

Whether it's bathroom renovations or kitchen jobs, no job is too substantial or too insignificant. I do it all, and I'm not satisfied with a project until you are.